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Local Farms:  We have procurement agreements where local farms can count on a certain amount of purchases so that they can manage their farms more efficiently.

Poultry:  Bell and Evans air chilled chicken, no water and trimmed so it's ready to cook.

Local Eggs: Earth's Echo pasture raised chicken eggs.

Dairy: Trickling Springs Dairy milk and ice cream.

Produce: Local when in season.

Local Craft Suppliers: Rubs, Sauces, Coffees.

Craft Beer:  Many local and unique beers.

Wines:  A great selection to go with any of our wonderful meats.

Grocery Items:  Pasta, Canned Goods, Oils, Compostable Plastic Bags, Charcoal, Spices, etc...


Wherever possible we try to use and sell recyclables and compostables that contain the fewest chemicals.

Our butcher paper is not bleached and does not have a poly film on it like in most shops.

We sell beverages in glass or carboard - no plastic bottles to polute the environment.

We do not use grocery bags.  Instead we encourage reusable bags.