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We are whole animal butchers and can create any cut possible from our offerings.

The following products are typical cuts that are in our meat cases or requested regularly. 

All of our Beef is sourced locally, in Virginia, and is raised humanley, without anibiotics or hormones.  Our cows are free to pasture their entire lives and are very happy!

We source as much Pork as possible form local farms but need to suppliment with pork from the midwest to keep up with demand.

Our Sausages are all house made daily from our own recipes.                                                                                                       

We source all of our Chicken from Bell and Evans.  It is humanely raised without hormones, well trimmed, and is air chilled so has no added water weight!

We offer Simplicity- Boars Head products, when available, to ensure the humane treatment of animals.                                     

Other products we offer are sourced locally when possible but always from the US.